by  Richard Pankratz

Delicate enlargement in high density foam and finished product installed


"Monumental Tribute to a Legendary Giant" by Gary DuChateau

 IF IT HAS TO BE REALLY, REALLY BIG.....  Enlarged from the 12" tall bronze cast original, the 36' tall and 50' long Woolly Mammoth is being built from over 100 pieces in 3' high layers.  An intermediate four foot tall point-up was done to enhance the detail.


"Birth of the Sacred Ram" by Timothy Nimmo   The detail in this enlargement is achieved by using firm tan colored J-Mac Classic clay.

"Winged Victory"

Great detail in High Density Foam from a 3-D printed maquette

"Tethys" by Tuck Langland            This life-size foam-only sculpture enlargement is cut 1/4" below the finished surface to allow for the sculpture's clay covering to applied and detailed by the sculptor himself. 

Point-ups for fine arts bronze casting as well as commercial resin casting.


"Ursa Major" by Mark Kuzara                   

Smooth surfaces are accurately achieved in clay.

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"Bolt" by Julie Warren Conn                     Point-up in clay ready for molding. 

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"Musica" Figure 2, by Alan LeQuire One of nine figures enlarged to over twice life-size. Armatures were carefully designed to hold the weight of the clay and molds and also come apart for shipping.

"Alone with Memories" by Alex Palkovich                                Point-up in high-density foam

"Seahorse Fountain" by Tony Hochstetler  This seahorse was reduced to 3/5 size in foam from the bronze original.


Mare and foal by Tammy Penn                                           Point-up in high-density foam even captures the delicate ears and facial features. 

"Spin Baby"  by Wayne Littlejohn         Las Vegas Installatiocast in bronze and stainless steel w/ interactive interior lighting


"Next Winter's Bread" by David Alan Clark        photo by Mel Schockner                            Enlarged to life-size, this foam with clay sculpture has all the required form and is now ready for the artist to apply just the fine detail.