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Using 3-D digital scanning, a state-of-the-art Frog CNC milling machine and our custom designed five axis milling machine, we are able to replicate the specific details of a sculpture while enlarging or reducing the art piece. In addition to our state of the art machinery, we bring 20+ years of experience in fine art point-ups and 30 plus years as artists to the task of resizing sculpture that not only recreates the original proportions, gesture, and detail of an art piece, but also takes into account the additional structural issues of weight, and balance that come with a change of scale. We build armatures to accommodate clay weight, mold weight and shipping. Point-ups are cut in high-density foam, with full undercut milling leaving no shadow areas, ready for the sculptor to apply the clay overlay.  We provide free estimates, competitive pricing and shipping anywhere in the United States.

Soldier point-up with clay by Linda Little


Gary DuChateau is a sculptor and inventor with a background in construction and project management. He uses his experience and skills to create a professional, successful, accommodating working relationship with artists all across the country. ‚Äč


DuChateau Sculpture Resizing is centrally located in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. Loveland is the home of Sculpture in the Parkone of the most respected exhibitions of three-dimensional artwork in the United States. The Loveland area also supports several professional fine art bronze casting foundries and a thriving year round arts community.